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Welcome To Gurkha's Food Restaurant

More than 10 Years of Experience in Serving good food.

Gurkha's Premium food at affordable price. Healthy, Nuturious and Tasty Meals.

The fearsome and best army in world,Gurkhas, are the integral part of the British Army. Our Chef/Owner comes from the home town of Gurkha's which is known as Gorkha in Nepal. Their healthy, nuturious and tasty meal define and provide some reasons why Gurkha's army are tough, durable and amenable to descipline.

Chef believes that his first Gurkha's restaurant in Adelaide offers people living in Adelaide to enjoy the food of the bravest people in the world.

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Why Gurkha's Restaurant?

We are the experienced and have dedicated teams to serve you the best food you can find anywhere in Adelaide.

Experienced Chefs

Our chefs and cooks are well experienced to serve best authentic Nepalese food.

Delicious Food Menu

For best order, please give a look to our ranges of food & wines menu.

Online Reservation

You can follow here or call (08) 8232 1388 for reservations.